We are publishing this issue of the newsletter during the COVID-19 pandemic. We have dedicated a short article to asking questions on what can we learn from the pandemic and apply it to better protect our public spaces. Due to the lockdown we are not publishing information about upcoming events as, at this stage, it is highly likely that they get cancelled or postponed. We offer you details about the Counter-UAS Interest Group hosted on the Commission's digital platform CIRCABC and we give information on future funding opportunities under the ISF-Police FUnd. Our focus article reviews the considerations, which may be helpful to the security operator or the urban civil servant in the practical terrorism risk assessment for public spaces. It discusses the challenges of risk identification and risk analysis and proposes some openly available tools to help decision makers and operators. We present the LETSCROWD project which aims to facilitate the implementation of the European Security Model with regards to mass gathering by law enforcement agencies and security policy practitioners. We also present you some recent publications related to the protection of public spaces.

We hope for a timely recovery from the pandemic and wish you good health and safety!

Your comments, ideas or questions are welcome on JRC-PUBLIC-SPACES@ec.europa.eu

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