Report on the joint training on disaster risk management at Coventry University, in February 2020

A training course on disaster risk management (DRM) was hosted by Coventry University on 25-27 February 2020, under the auspices of the university’s courses on disaster management and emergency planning. The training event, which was co-organised with the European Commission’s Disaster Risk Management Knowledge Centre (DRMKC), addressed the need for collaboration between academics and professionals in the preparations for DRM, in order to understand the factors that can enhance disaster resilience and capacity (i.e. to cope, adapt, and transform in case of a disaster). The training was developed to train bachelor's degree students who aim to work in the fields of disaster management, emergency planning, humanitarian assistance and community resilience.


The focus of the training on DRM was on the mitigation, response and recovery from nuclear and flood disaster events. Speakers also shared their knowledge of the technologies for monitoring geohazards and the tools for disaster risk communication. Students were given the opportunity to consider a variety of DRM strategies from other European perspectives, thereby further enhancing their appreciation of the differing approaches to the key elements of DRM.


The training on DRM took place at the Simulation Centre of Coventry University. Speakers were drawn from the DRMKC, the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC), and the DCNA (Disaster Competence Network Austria;, and also included professors from Berlin School of Economics and Law ( and from the universities of Coventry, Florence (Italy), Pavia (Italy), Saxion (the Netherlands), and Vives (Belgium).


Participants at the DRM training event consisted of 70 students from both Coventry University and Vives University of Applied Sciences. Methods of delivering the training included in-class lectures and table-top exercises. In order to respond to the outbreak of the Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) in Italy, the training event also utilised on-line lectures. A high degree of interaction between the speakers and participants was observed during the training workshop, which has also received positive feedback from students. The pedagogy (or teaching methods) of the DRM training will be shared with the universities that were involved in delivering the training.


Yung-Fang Chen and Leanne Hunt

School of Energy, Construction and Environment, Coventry University, UK


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CAPTION FOR FIGURE: [ Some of the participants at the joint training on disaster risk management, held at Coventry University on 25-27 February 2020. © European Commission. ]

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