UN-Habitat and EIB strengthen cooperation to improve cities and provide handwashing facilities to prevent COVID-19

UN-Habitat, the United Nations Agency for Human Settlements and the European Investment Bank, the world’s largest international public bank, have agreed to increase cooperation to support sustainable urban investment across Africa and globally.

The new partnership enables shared best-practice, technical experience and support for urban projects to improve lives in cities. It will help cities tackle climate change, address poverty and gender inequalities and improve economic opportunities and social infrastructure.

UN-Habitat and the European Investment Bank also confirmed plans to provide handwashing stations and public health information for thousands of local residents in the Tanzanian city of Mwanza.

“UN-Habitat and the European Investment Bank share a good track record of enabling and supporting transformational urban investment around the world. UN-Habitat looks forward to working closely with the EIB and other international finance partners to ensure that cities can be a better place to live for future generations. Our teams on the ground in East Africa are already ensuring that the impact of long-term investment to improve water and sanitation around Lake Victoria can help to reduce the spread of coronavirus in Mwanza.” said Maimunah Mohd Sharif, Executive Director of UN-Habitat.

“New investment in cities must deliver benefits to citizens by successfully tackling broader challenges facing urban communities. Strengthened cooperation between UN-Habitat and the EIB will benefit millions of people living in cities across Africa and around the world by enhancing the impact of new investment to deliver sustainable development, climate action, health, education and economic opportunities in the years ahead,” said Werner Hoyer, President of the European Investment Bank.

“The European Investment Bank is committed to supporting high-impact urban investment with global partners and local authorities around the world. We are pleased that the closer partnership between the EU Bank and UN-Habitat is already delivering results in East Africa and ensuring that vulnerable communities will be more resilient to the coronavirus pandemic in the coming months,” he added.

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