Adapting to extremes: exploring the challenges of the new decade

Over the last five years, there have been significant efforts to enhance the coherence, coordination and communication of climate change adaptation (CCA) and disaster risk reduction (DRR).

As we enter the new and decisive decade, Europe is under a new scientific and policy cycle. The launch of the European Green Deal, the next EU research and innovation framework programme Horizon Europe, with a specific Mission on adaptation to climate change, and the future adoption of a new EU strategy on adaptation to climate change provide new opportunities for collaboration and the development of innovative solutions to respond to society’s challenges. Under this scenario this conference, organised by the H2020 project PLACARD, aims to bring together researchers, policymakers and practitioners into a dialogue to:

Present and discuss the developments on the coherence and collaboration between CCA and DRR;
Discuss PLACARD key messages at this cross road for the new decade;
Discuss the opportunities of the European Green Deal to the activities of these two communities and how they can contribute to achieve EU’s climate objectives.
This conference is the last dialogue of the PLACARD project, which since 2015 has contributed to enhance the collaboration, communication and coherence between CCA and DRR.


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