The JRC has launched a call for tenders to continue the provision of the Validation service in the frame of the Copernicus Emergency Management Service. 

Time limit for receipt of tenders: 30/09/2019 16:00 

The Copernicus Emergency Management Service (CEMS) is one of the six core services offered by Copernicus. It is intended as an operational service provided to the users active in the field of disaster management in the EU Member States, the European Civil Protection Mechanism, the Commission’s Directorates General (DGs), the participating Executive Agencies, and international actors in humanitarian aid.

The call for tenders  ( refers to the Validation module of the CEMS Mapping component. 

It concerns the on-demand provision of actions and analysis assessing the EMS Mapping outputs and supporting its continuous improvement. It includes a wide spectrum of activities, such as field data collection, quality checks and technical validation; feedback collection and impact analysis; expert advice and recommendations for improvements and innovative services.

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